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Sicilian Femminello Lemons (From October to March)


It is the variety of lemon most appreciated by citrus cultivators, it constitutes the basis of Italian lemon growing due to its easy adaptability to the various cultivation areas and to the agronomic practice of "forcing" (controlled dry periods) and for the constant and abundant production.

Depending on the harvest period, the fruit is divided into Primofiore (October-March), Bianchetto or Maiolino (spring lemon April-June), Verdello (summer lemon July-September).

The fruits of yellow color when ripe, (average 130gr), are elliptical in shape, rich in juice with excellent perfume.

Quenching and juicy, lemon is the citrus fruit with the highest concentration of vitamin C.

100g of product give 71% of the daily requirement of vitamin C for an adult, 7% of the need for potassium, 1% of calcium and 9% of magnesium. In addition to a high charge of vitamins and mineral salts, the lemon is the fruit that boasts the widest therapeutic use for its detoxifying and purifying power, as well as being used in the kitchen, in cosmetics and in pharmacology.

Furthermore, the essence of the common lemon is considered of high quality worldwide.


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