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Sicilian Verdello Lemons (From June to August)


The Sicilian Verdello Lemon is a characteristic of the production of the Green Valley Farm, it is the production of summer flowering, a fruit with a smooth skin and green color and an intense aroma, are characterized by a juicy pulp with a sweeter taste than that of the common yellow lemons. They are obtained from drought-resistant plants that react in the absence of water, significantly increasing the production of flowers.

The lemon varieties of the verdelli production are mainly three:

the lemon "Femminello Zagara Bianca", the lemon "Femminello Dosaco", and the "Femminello Santa Teresa"

Lemon is a fruit that varies greatly in size, shape, thinckness and fineness of the edible skin, number of seeds, percentage and composition of the juice, this heterogeneity depends on the presence of different flowering periods in Sicily

The period covers the whole year since it is highly re-flowering, with four/five productions per year distinguished with different names: “primofiore”, “maiolini o bianchetti”, “verdelli”, “bastardi” e “marzani”.

The lemon is particularly important from a nutritional point of view due to the very high percentage of vitamin C content (ascorbic acid) which counteracts the formation of free radicals and strengthens the immune system. 

Racommended in cases of cold, flu and for the treatment of gastritis and intestinal diseases. 
The use of Verdello is common in the kitchen because it is combined with many foods, is particularly suitable for consumption in the fresh state, is used in many refreshing and purifying "summer" drinks based on lemon juice and for the prepation of the typical "lemon granita"; it is also used for the preparation of liqueurs, such as limoncello

Thanks to the many beneficial properties, the verdello lemon is widely used in many sectors.


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