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The box includes Limoncello and 7 kg of Lemons 32,00€

The single Sicilian Limoncello € 14,90  

Shipping cost  17,00€  

2 bottles of Limoncello € 26,00

Shipping cost 17,00€ 

The Limoncello of Sicily  


Our Limoncello from Sicily is obtained by scrupulously respecting the recipe of the real Sicilian Limoncello.

It is prepared using only untreated Sicilian Lemons, with edible and top quality peel.

This allows you to obtain a full-bodied liqueur rich in essential oils, perfect to be enjoyed before or after meals and to enhance the flavors of sweets and fruit salads.


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the limoncello of Sicily





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Product: 1 complete box of Limoncello and 7 kg of Femminello Lemons

Price 32,00 € shipping costs 19,00 €

The single Limoncello € 14,90

Shipping cost € 17,00

2 Limoncello bottles  € 26,00

Shipping cost € 17,00

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